New WP8 app: View Source with in-app purchase

ViewSourceFor all web-developers out there that use Windows Phone – I have a good news. It is not spectacular, but I have made a small utility that enables you to view source code (HTML) of any web page, with syntax highlighted and all that jazz. You can even see a generated source code (the one you get after all JavaScript code on page is executed and DOM changed).

The usage is quite simple, so I will not waste your time on describing how to push the application bar buttons. But, the last button on the right is a quite important experiment – I’ve used a in-app purchase feature to enable donations (you can buy a coffee for my wife or a burger for me). I don’t expect to get rich (or gain weight), but I am curious how will this thing work, both technically and economically. I will share the details if there will be anything to share on this.

Implementing in-app purchases are is quite easy, but testing… not so much. There are three official scenarios, but none of them is perfect: testing with beta submissions is too slow, mock in-app purchase library is not 100% inline with the real experience (e.g. events raised after the purchase) and in-app purchase mock service is difficult to set up. I’ve ended up testing with the first two approaches, but it should be easier.

Anyway, enjoy the app, it’s free – click here (ICYMI try my other apps as well).

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