Analog Clock Tile redone as Universal Windows Platform app

wp_ss_20160220_0001Analog Clock Tile, my most popular Windows Phone app has reached its fourth version. It’s completely redone as a Universal Windows Platform app and now it can run on all devices running Windows 10. But that’s not a significant thing per se, there had been phone and desktop versions before – the important thing is that Microsoft has significantly improved Tile API in Windows 10 and I was able to make some very important improvements in the app.

Without any doubt, the worst part of the app was downloading clock faces. Downloads were huge, installation was slow… it lasted for minutes. The largest clock in the best resolution was 62 MB. Yeah, I know.

In the new version of the app, thanks to the improvements in the platform, the biggest download has a bit less than 3 MB. And the maximum supported resolution is 66% bigger!

This is not only the bandwidth thing – app uses less storage than the previous version (and you can delete clock faces you don’t use).

Plus, you can download multiple clock faces at the same time. The app is also much smarter, so it will download only parts of the clock face, if you have downloaded other parts before. Saves both bandwidth and storage.

wp_ss_20160220_0009This big change required me to redone all clock faces from the scratch, but that’s something I really enjoyed to do. A few of them didn’t make it to the new version (based on usage stats), but I have a few more that you’ll certainly like (seven of them, to be exact)!

If you have a Windows device (although it does most sense on a phone), go ahead and download it now! All clock faces are 100% free, and always will be!

Official release notes for version 4:

  • full Windows 10 support: phones, tablets, desktops
  • uses MUCH less bandwidth and storage for clock faces
  • download multiple clock faces at the same time
  • improved support for high resolution devices
  • no need to repin the tile after title change
  • brand new clock faces
  • brand new user interface

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