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My new project is out: makes your Call for Papers a breeze

I’ve been involved with a lot of conferences and events for almost two decades. As a journalist, I’ve attended a lot of them all around Europe and US. As a speaker, I talk on conferences, events and user groups at least once per month. As a developer, I was an architect and a lead developer […]


Bljesak iz prošlosti: .NET simfonija programiranja #knjiga #free

[English summary: a book on .NET I’ve written with a friend 12 years ago is now free for download.] Prije dvanaest godina smo Luka Abrus i ja zajedno napisali knjigu. Zvala se “Microsoft .NET – simfonija programiranja”, uključivala je DVD s Visual Studijem 2003 i bez neke lažne skromnosti – fakat je bila zakon. Svih […]


Analog Clock Tile redone as Universal Windows Platform app

Analog Clock Tile, my most popular Windows Phone app has reached its fourth version. It’s completely redone as a Universal Windows Platform app and now it can run on all devices running Windows 10. But that’s not a significant thing per se, there had been phone and desktop versions before – the important thing is […]


What’s the actual screen resolution when developing UWP apps for Windows 10 for Phones?

Several years ago, when Windows Phone appeared, we were all targeting 480×800 resolution. We had exactly 480 pixels of width and 800 pixels of height for our user interface. Then with Windows Phone 8 we got three more resolutions, but in practice – we had only two. The “old” one, and one slightly taller. So […]


DVLUP likes so much it’ll give you 400 points for using it!

My usually helps you beta test your apps. And it’s doing a great job. But, it also offers some very nice perks for its beloved users that bring even more value to the deal. So, not only it’s 100% free, you can actually get something just for using it – 50 US$ from AdDuplex, […]

0 partners with AdDeals Network

AdDeals is a performance-based ad network on the Windows Phone platform and provides both monetization and free 1:1 cross-promotion services to the developer community. Their AppDeals app is a very popular Windows Phone app that helps developers promote exclusive deals on apps. So it made a lot of sense to have them as a partner […]


Analog Clock Tile now supports time zones!

Analog Clock Tile app is finally useful! A new, huge update brought a lot of new features, but the most important one is time zones support! Yes, that means that you can pin a tile to show time in different time zone. Travelers, international workers, folks in long-distance relationship and clock lovers – that’s for […]


Analog Clock Tile goes on a holiday

Don’t worry, I’m not announcing the end of the life for my most popular app, I’m writing this blog post to tell you about a special Holiday Collection of analog clocks for your Windows Phone home screen. Take a look at the screenshot on the right and choose your favorite. Maybe most interesting ones are […]

0’s new partner myAppFree will help you promote your apps

[If you don’t know what is, read this blog post first. In a nutshell – it’s a free service that helps you manage your Windows Phone beta testing.] People love discounts and free apps. Our new partner, myAppFree knows that. If you have an awesome paid app and want to be promoted inside their […]

1 has some really cool new features

This two months, since was launched, were great! A lot of developers are using this beta testing service, and – what’s more important – they give an awesome feedback. It’s really great to work on a product that targets developers – if anybody knows how to give good feedback, it’s them. Developers, we rock! […]