WPbeta.me’s new partner myAppFree will help you promote your apps

[If you don’t know what WPbeta.me is, read this blog post first. In a nutshell – it’s a free service that helps you manage your Windows Phone beta testing.]

wp_ss_20141126_0001People love discounts and free apps. Our new partner, myAppFree knows that. If you have an awesome paid app and want to be promoted inside their popular app, all you have to do is contact myAppFree and set your app price to free for a duration of promotion. That will not get you a lot of money, but you’ll get a lot of users. And that’s sometimes even more important.

There is another way to benefit from myAppFree growing popularity. If you’re a developer that uses WPbeta.me to beta test your app (and have more than ten active beta testers), you can get a free 1.500-clicks-coupon that will promote your released (not beta) app, free or paid. That means that you’ll get 1.500 people to be just a click away from installing your app. Will they install, that’s up to you – your screenshots, descriptions, ratings etc. Work on those, make them shine.

I always try out our partners, so I have tried out myAppFree with my Analog Clock Tile app. It works really great, I got a really huge click-through-rate! People use myAppFree app to discover new apps + you’re not limited by number of impressions, but clicks. That means you’re app will be featured there as long as you don’t reach 1.500 clicks.

Since myAppFree promotes only high quality apps, your app must fit a quality criteria: 4+ star rating with minimum of 15 reviews. If you’re working on a brand new app, that means you’ll have to wait a bit to use this coupon, but don’t worry – coupons are valid until the end of year 2015.

But, that’s not all – our AdDuplex 50$ coupon promotion is still active, so once you reach ten active beta testers, you’ll get both coupons, for free!

If you’re a Windows Phone developer, I don’t think you have a choice. Start using WPbeta.me now – beta testing helps you make a better app, and beta testing with WPbeta.me helps you promote it, too!

If you are already using WPbeta.me and have more than ten active beta testers, you can grab your coupons right away, just go to your apps and open the app page!

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