DVLUP likes WPbeta.me so much it’ll give you 400 points for using it!

Screenshot_13My WPbeta.me usually helps you beta test your apps. And it’s doing a great job. But, it also offers some very nice perks for its beloved users that bring even more value to the deal. So, not only it’s 100% free, you can actually get something just for using it – 50 US$ from AdDuplex, 1500 clicks on myAppFree and valuable app promotion from AdDeals Network.

But, during the month of June (until June 28th, to be exact) you can also get 400 points in a Challenge from DVLUP, Microsoft’s own reward program for Windows (Phone) developers. All you have to do is have at least ten active beta testers for your updated beta app, and the points are yours! You can later exchange that points for rewards.

I know you want to do beta testing for your app, because that’s important for your app’s health and your good night’s sleep, and you would do it with or without those nice benefits. But, since they are already on the table, that motivates you to do it immediately, right? You can start here.

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