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DVLUP likes so much it’ll give you 400 points for using it!

My usually helps you beta test your apps. And it’s doing a great job. But, it also offers some very nice perks for its beloved users that bring even more value to the deal. So, not only it’s 100% free, you can actually get something just for using it – 50 US$ from AdDuplex, […]

0’s new partner myAppFree will help you promote your apps

[If you don’t know what is, read this blog post first. In a nutshell – it’s a free service that helps you manage your Windows Phone beta testing.] People love discounts and free apps. Our new partner, myAppFree knows that. If you have an awesome paid app and want to be promoted inside their […]

1 has some really cool new features

This two months, since was launched, were great! A lot of developers are using this beta testing service, and – what’s more important – they give an awesome feedback. It’s really great to work on a product that targets developers – if anybody knows how to give good feedback, it’s them. Developers, we rock! […]

0 partners with AdDuplex – free coupons for all!

We have given away ten AdDuplex coupons this month to randomly chosen developers that have submitted their apps to, a free service that connects Windows Phone developers with beta testers and helps them manage beta testing. From today, we’re taking this to the next level! AdDuplex and will award every beta app, public […]