My first Windows Store apps – published

There is more than 5.000 apps in the Windows Store, and two of them are made by yours truly.

screenshot_10192012_104837The first one was developed for Bosnian IT portal called HardwareBase. It is in Croatian language (at least officially) and it is basically a RSS reader. This is the first version and it lacks some of the planned features, but we wanted to be in the store before Windows 8 general availability, so this is some kind of preview version, complete feature set will be available in the next update.

Screenshot.20530.1000000The other app is a port of famous twitter wall solution called This service was originally developed for an old Mix 10k contest, and it was developed in Silverlight almost three years ago. I decided to port it to WinRT and I was surprised how simple that task was. Pure copy-paste and a bit of deleting XAML effects that are not supported (like shadows and blurs).  Check it out here and use it whenever you like – on conferences, halls, events, at home…

Enjoy – and report your thoughts Smile

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