European devs: Publish your Windows Phone app for free

Update: This offer is not valid any more because there are no tokens left. I’ve distributed more tokens than initially planned, but even that wasn’t enough! Great job, devs!

Here is a deal: you send me a working prototype of your app for Windows Phone, and you’ll get a Nokia Premium Developer Program token (priced at $99, valued at up to $1500 value) – for free.

Nokia Premium Developer Program includes:

– One year of Windows Phone Developer Center membership
– A free license for Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone
– Cloud API with unlimited API calls per month with 5GB of data storage
– 2 Nokia Tech Support tickets

In other words, this will enable you to publish your app for free, improve it with the cloud API and nice controls, and solve up to two technical issues you may have.

How can I build an app?
It is easier than ever. You can build your prototype with Visual Studio (including free Express version) or you can use Windows Phone App Studio (no coding needed, just updated with new features few days ago). Or you can mix both.

Restricted to Europe only
This offer is restricted to Europe. If you live in USA, check out the similar offer.

Already a developer and have apps published?
There is something for you, too. Create a brand new app and you’ll get the token, too. This will enable you to extend your Dev Center membership once it expires and use cloud, controls and support for all your apps.

Please note
Deadline for sending me your working prototype is October 25, 2013.
– Dev Center token, Telerik license, API calls and support tickets are bundled with the token and can be used any time within a year from redeeming the token
– There is a limited number of tokens – first come, first served rule applies
– All tokens received part of this competition must be redeemed before October 31, 2013. I will not be able to provide you with another token if you forget to redeem yours on time!
– Every app you send me will be handled with the utmost confidentiality

How to participate?
Send an e-mail to with the following information:

– your full name
– your e-mail address
– your country (Europe only!)
– app name
– your app prototype (XAP) or direct Store link of an app (beta, private or public, published after October 1st)

Thanks to the Nokia Developer Champions program for making this possible!

Looking forward to your new apps!

11 Responses to European devs: Publish your Windows Phone app for free


    What does “working prototype” mean exactly?

  3. Working prototype means that you have started developing your app, that it has name and basic features. It doesn’t have to be fully developed or bug free.


    Then I assume that apps released on September are not valid, nor the updates released for that app in October, right?


    Is this for indivuals only or are companies also allowed?

    Best regards David

  6. @Fernando – Yes, sorry. New apps only. Start something new, there is time :-)
    @David – NDP is for individuals, but you can use benefits inside as you like.


    How about an app, that I already contributed to the community (Codeplex), but didn’t publish to the store yet? :)

    cheers, Thomas


    How about an app, that I already contributed to the community (on Codeplex), but didn’t publish to the store yet? :)

    cheers, Thomas


    So the app will be yours?

  10. @Thomas – Sure, if it has never been published before.
    @ciprian – No, the app is yours, I’m just making sure that it exists. I’m not asking for the source code, just the XAP. If you’re worried, you can publish it as a beta, and just add me to beta testers. (Of course, you cannot do that without a Dev Center account, that’s why I’m asking a XAP.)


    Hi Domagoj, just sent you our app to take a look at. Hope to hear from you!
    Thanks for this cool opportunity.

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