All my Windows Phone applications

I have developed and published four Windows Phone applications up to date. Three of them are in Croatian, and the last one is in English. All of them are free.

In Croatian. Simple application for paying parking in all towns in Croatia. Application uses geolocation to determine in which town you are located and offers only available zones. You can save as many cars as you want and easily switch between them. Includes a map showing your car location compared to your current position. Download.

In Croatian. Enter the license plate number and find out all public data about that car. Download.

croweatherIn Croatian. This application is in Croatian language. Detailed 7-day weather forecast for your favorite city in Croatia and Europe! Enjoy table view, map view (just like on the TV!) and live tiles telling you should you bring an umbrella or a hat. Local data provider ensures the best forecast. Download.

Find a number
In English. Search your contact list by a number. It searches all your contacts, including Facebook ones. If you have received a call or SMS on other phone, this simple app can help you find the name behind the number. This application requires a Mango update. Download.

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