Browsers market share in Croatia

ie6nomore-logo Inspired by an article on CNN that claims that IE6 is under 5 percent market share, I’ve looked into web statistics of Croatian sites I have access to. I cannot tell which sites I’m talking about, the important thing is that there are normal, mainstream sites visited by general audience (in comparison to, for example, IT portal Bug Online, that is visited by geeks and IT professionals, and statistics are much different).

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer 6 in Croatia is still around 12% market share (57% use IE, 23% of IE users have version 6). Here are some pies – first one shows browser market share, and another one Internet Explorer usage by major versions.

Browsers - Google Analytics_1275510116535 Browsers - Google Analytics_1275510176036

Browser- - Google Analytics_1275510210101 image

Users, please stop using older version of browsers, especially Internet Explorer 6.
Web-developers, please stop supporting Internet Explorer 6 in your projects – ignore it, just like its users ignore its security issues.

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