Giveaway: And the winners are…

Two weeks ago I’ve started a giveaway of five free Nokia Premium Developer Program tokens and today I’ll announce the winners.

Vijaya Malla – for being first to apply
Robert Molloy – for having a wide collection of Nokia phones
Antti Pohjola – for working with C++ on Windows Phone
Matija Stepanić – for being on my training six months ago
Armar Mesić – for being a Bosnian (his own reason that I happen to like)

Congrats to the winners and a big thanks to all the participants! If the token has missed you this time, that doesn’t mean that you cannot enter a really valuable Nokia Premium Developer Program – it costs only 99 US$ and you get a lot of stuff for the same amount of money as you would pay the Dev account itself. If you’re developing for the Windows Phone, this is no brainer.

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