Long time no see

e87d664e4ce06e56e1982c805d26099aI obviously write posts in batches, so this is the first post in a new batch Smile

So, let me do a quick resume first. I’ve been quite busy with the WinDays conference at the end of the April. WinDays is the biggest IT conference in the region and I was very much involved this year as a speaker and part of organizing team.

I have participated in the following sessions:

Opening ceremony – with the live demo that included Windows 8, Windows Phone, Intune, Office 365… and other sexy stuff

Developers Keynote – as a co-host with Ivan Kardum

ASP.NET 101 – beginner’s intro to ASP.NET, with Hrvoje Hudoletnjak

Windows Phone & Windows 8 101 – beginner’s intro to the new Microsoft platform, with Andrej Radinger

NFC + Windows Phone – my (almost) famous talk about NFC

Besides the sessions, my company worked on WinDays official web-site, as well as official Windows Store and Windows Phone apps.

After the WinDays, I’ve been quite busy to organize another event, but I’ll leave that to the next post…

PS. I have moved my blog from www.domagoj.pavlesic.com to domagoj.eu – seems a bit simpler :-) The old address will continue to work as well.

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