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Long time no see

I obviously write posts in batches, so this is the first post in a new batch So, let me do a quick resume first. I’ve been quite busy with the WinDays conference at the end of the April. WinDays is the biggest IT conference in the region and I was very much involved this year […]


Backup to the cloud! With berries.

Off-site backups are always complicated. In my main development machine, I have an SSD with all the data, and the data is nightly copied to the RAID1 disks. That seams like a decent backup solution in the case of disk failure, but what if somebody steals my computer or the whole house burns to the […]


Moving from self-hosted Orchard to WordPress on Azure

Maybe you have noticed – and probably not – I’m moving my blog to another platform. I was using Orchard. It’s a nice piece of software, but I wanted to test Azure Web Sites with PHP and MySQL, so the WordPress seamed like the right choice. We’ll see :-) I’m still moving everything to the […]


I am the Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals Judge!

Do you know what the Imagine Cup is? You should. It’s a great student technology competition sponsored and organized by Microsoft for ten years now. Every year, around 350,000 students from 180 countries are part of this contents and only the best ones have an opportunity to participate in worldwide finals, this year in Sydney, […]


Happy New Year! And some other important stuff.

So, first of all I would like to wish you all happy and prosperous New Year! My New Year’s resolution will be 1920×1200, because I’ve bought a new monitor, 24” one so my “2012 Monitor Setup” looks like this I know it’s too much, but I’m enjoying it. Another good news – actually even better […]

0 has reached 10k followers

It has been a year since I’ve launched my project. The basic idea is very simple – if you enter your Twitter username, you’ll find out when have you started using Twitter (that’s your TwBirthday), your age index and your Twitter godfather. Only three days after it’s first birthday (not the TwBirthday, the Twitter […]


Prepare for the summer!

Microsoft Croatia made a nice goodie for the summer – IE9 Sun Care, for surfers only. So, there is not much of a story behind this, I just wanted to put this photo on my blog. Yesterday on the Web User Group meeting we have given away 26 of those, so if you see someone […]


Aktivnosti na WinDaysima

[English summmary: overview of my activities on WinDays, the biggest Microsoft conference in Croatia] Sutra počinju WinDaysi, vjerojatno najveća domaća IT konferencija, poznata u narodu i kao “proljetni odmor”. Doduše, za ove WinDayse naradio sam se kao nikad prije, tako da sam taj “odmor” i zaslužio, iako ću se odmarati vjerojatno tek od srijede kad […]


Announcing Silverlight 5

There is not much I can write about next version of Silverlight that hasn’t been written somewhere else, but I feel like I must mention it on my blog, simply because it’s – great! Silverlight 5 was announced on Silverlight Firestarter event on December 2nd by Scott Guthrie himself, with lots of slides as well […]


How to pronounce my name?

Sorry about this, but since a lot of people have problem with this, I need to publish it somewhere, and personal blog seems like a logical choice. I’ll keep it short and simple. My name (Domagoj Pavlešić) should be pronounced as: If this sounds to complicated for you, feel free to call me however you […]