Moving from self-hosted Orchard to WordPress on Azure

Maybe you have noticed – and probably not – I’m moving my blog to another platform. I was using Orchard. It’s a nice piece of software, but I wanted to test Azure Web Sites with PHP and MySQL, so the WordPress seamed like the right choice. We’ll see :-)

I’m still moving everything to the new platform and tweaking stuff, so if there is a broken link or missing piece of information, use the old blog on (it’s the old blog, not the old Domagoj Pavlešić :-)).

About the transition itself, I’ve used the following resources/blog posts, that helped me a lot. So, if you plan to do something similar, check those links out:

– BlogML module for Orchard – enables export in BlogML format
– Migrating a blog from Orchard 0.5 to 0.9 – when you don’t know where to find the Export link
– Migrating your blog from any BlogML based platform to WordPress – great tutorial and a script to convert BlogML to WordPress WRX format


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