Mobility Day drawing apps – Silverlight to WP7

image Last week I attended a (great) conference Mobility Day and organizers asked me to build a small Silverlight application for prize giveaway at the end of the day. Every participant had a number at the back of their ID card and if the wheel stopped at your number, the prize was yours. Application itself is very simple and it took me maybe an hour to build it from scratch. The important thing is that it can be run from any computer from the web, and the total number of participants can be set via URL, like this: To use the app, first focus it and then expand to full screen with F11 key. Wheel can be started and stopped by mouse click or space key. Not really a smart application, but useful and attractive.

The main topic of the conference was Windows Phone 7. The day before the conference, I got an e-mail – can you port this app to Windows Phone 7? So I did – it took me five minutes and the only thing I had to do is remove part of user interface, because the phone’s screen is smaller. Everything else was just pure copy & paste. It worked great in emulator and I’ve sent it to organizers to try it on the real device. It worked fine, although the phone CPU/GPU is a bit slower than a computer, so animation is not so smooth. But it can be tweaked (I will when I get my hands on an actual device). If you have a developer device or want to try it in the emulator, download it here.

[BTW, during the conference there was a millenium photo taken, you can check it out here using Deep Zoom. I wish it was not only 12 megapixels.]

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