Physics in Silverlight

slphysicsFew days ago I’ve stumbled upon a Farseer physics engine for Silverlight and XNA. It looks very promising, but I didn’t get time to play with it (yet). The library itself deserves a post (I’ll probably write one in the future), but this time I want to write about another library, helper library based on the same physics engine. It enables us to do games and stuff without using a single line of code! All made with Blend behaviors!

I’ve played with it for a while and it’s really fun – you can preview the first test project I’ve built and download source code (actually, there is no “real” source code, only behaviors). But the real fun is to make it by yourself, from scratch. To do that, take a look at this short video (download) and you’ll be doing games in no time. Okay, the library is in beta and make sure you set up a Silverlight 3 (not 4) project. (Hint: there is a Silverlight 4 and even WP7 version, but you must download it manually from Source Code repository.)

If you want just take a look how it works for an end user, you can try my simple experiment (drag eggs with a mouse, use mouse wheel over an egg to make an explosion) or much more advanced official demos. Have fun – I did! Thank you Andy Beaulieu for this great library!

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