Proud to be a part of echoecho

Screen Capture (3)The last few days echoecho app for Windows Phone is featured in Windows Phone Marketplace (that means a lot of downloads). This is a great opportunity to write a bit about that – something I was planning to do for a while, but never found the time. (What else is new?)

echoecho is an start-up company based in Los Angeles (read this article for more business details) that brings the simplest location sharing on your phone. They have been developing the app for four different mobile platforms (Blackberry, Android, iPhone and Symbian) and it was my job to develop the Windows Phone version. So I did.

The development of this app was pure fun – the echoecho team is great and very easy to work with, especially the big boss Nick. The app itself is very simple to use, but the things that happen under the hood are well-thought out and tuned to the details; just the way I like it.

I’m particularly happy about the design of the app (kudos to the designer Tom) – I’m no designer, but in my opinion, this is one of the best Metro app designs I’ve seen. And I’m really happy that this is not just the port of the app’s look&feel from the other platforms (all other look almost the same), Metro was really counted in and the app fits the Windows Phone UX perfectly.

So, grab the application on the Marketplace and enjoy. (If you temporary have some other phone in use, you can have the echoecho as well.)

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