Silverlight 4 available on Thursday, WP7 in a few weeks

SL_logo_v Visual Studio 2010 was launched yesterday and I expected full Silverlight 4 support included in the build. Unfortunately, that was not the case – Silverlight 4 was launched today (whatever that means), but it will be available on Thursday, as a separate download.

Furthermore, Windows Phone 7 development is not yet supported in Visual Studio 2010 RTM version – to use it, you need RC version of Visual Studio. Of course, you cannot have both versions installed on the same machine. Windows Phone development tools will be updated “in a few weeks” and until then, WP7 developers should stick to VS2010 RC (that works very good, I’ve been using it for some time now for all my projects, with no 2008 version installed on the system).

I normally wouldn’t complain about this, it’s better this way than to postpone everything, but I’m doing a presentation next week on WinDays conference in Rovinj, and I planned to show Silverlight on the desktop as well as on mobile phones. Now I cannot do it on the same machine, so WP7 will be left out and I have only few days to tune my demos to work with Silverlight 4. Sounds like a lot of fun :-)

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