Silverlight 4 is out!

You probably know that Silverlight 4 RTW (release to web = final version) is out. But you may not know the following:

  • Today is Silverlight’s third birthday – three years ago today the name Silverlight was officially announced (code-name was WPF/E = WPF Everywhere)
  • Silverlight 4 Tools are not RTW yet – they are in release candidate mode and the final version is expected soon
  • WCF RIA Services are RC, too; included with Silverlight 4 Tools
  • Silvelright 4 Tools RC are an upgrade for Visual Studio 2010 RTM (final version) – VS2008 is not supported
  • Windows Phone 7 developer tools are not compatible with Visual Studio 2010 RTM nor Silverlight 4 Tools RC – stick to Visual Studio 2010 RC for a few weeks
  • There is a corresponding version of Expression Blend 4, also in RC

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