Silverlight 5 Wishlist

Customer Feedback for Developer Community_1275511885440 Less than two months ago Silverlight 4 RTW was released and there are no official information about the next version, but I’m pretty sure guys in Redmond are already preparing something cool. If you want to suggest a feature or vote for one, you should check this site. It is the official page for feature suggestions and a lot of features requested there made their way to Silverlight 4.

Currently, the most voted ideas are the following:

  • full databinding support
  • implement Silverlight on more platforms
  • 3D support
  • encoding and streaming to Media Server / IIS
  • report controls

There are also some very interesting ideas later on the list. My personal favorites are:

  • local database support
  • JPEG encoder/decoder
  • minimize to SysTray in OOB
  • HTML control inside browser (not only in OOB) – a must!
  • custom mouse cursor images
  • multitouch gesture and intertia support
  • setting filename for SaveFileDialog
  • application patching functionality
  • BMP and GIF image support
  • vector printing


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