Speaking at KulenDayz and DevArena

You know that feeling when you have two kids, and someone asks you to pick a favorite. Well, nobody asked me to pick the favorite between these two conferences, so I don’t have to. That’s good, because I could not.

Kulendayz conferenceKulenDayz (September 13-15th) is organized by my peers from mscommunity.hr in Osijek, a beautiful city on the east of Croatia. It’s a community conference, and that means that networking is more intense than anywhere else. It literally feels like you have come to a family gathering (assuming that you like your family and that kind of gathering :-)). My session is about developer opportunities in the Windows Phone world (Saturday 5pm), and it’s a chalk&talk session, without the PowerPoint, so I’ll have my dear Lumia in my hand with the notes. That’s why I’m thinking about 1520 :-)

DevArena (October 15th) is a developer oriented conference, organized by Ekobit, one of the most successful regional development companies (check out the sites linked, made by my company). I really enjoy that conference, not only as a speaker, but as a part of the audience as well. I have two sessions there How to make money with Windows Phone apps? at 10 am and Speech API: talk to your phone at 2:15pm.

Hope to see you there!

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