Welcome to my renewed blog!

I’ve been writing blog for 2,5 years now, but the blog service I have been using was really bad and everything about it was slow and painful. When I started using it, it was fresh and new, but, as I can see, they haven’t touched the engine for at least two years now.

I’ve been thinking about The Move for a few months, but I always had more important (or at least more fun) things to do. I still have more fun things to do, but I feel I’ve postponed this a little bit too much, so here it is – new blog engine, new address and – a new language.

First about blog engine. My choice is BlogEngine.net. It’s not perfect, it’s not the best, but it gives me the following:

  • ability to upgrade it and customize as I like – I’ve been writing ASP/ASP.NET code for 10+ years and I wanted something where I can do whatever I imagine, in well-known environment
  • all servers I have access to have Windows Server OS and none of them have PHP nor MySQL installed; I didn’t want to install extra software on production servers just to host the blog

My old blog was written entirely in Croatian, my mother tongue, but from time to time I feel a need to address much broader audience. So, this new blog will have posts in both languages – main language will be English, but I’ll use in Croatian when writing about local or regional stuff and projects. Sorry in advance for all the confusion this could cause, I’ll do my best not to mix it too much :-)

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