WinDays12 conference: the award, sessions, workshop…

ISV nagrade 3Let’s cut right to the point – yesterday I’ve received the ISV award for community contribution, a yearly award presented by Microsoft Croatia. I would like to thank all the user group leads and MVPs here in Croatia who have voted for me (and almost all of them did :-)). If you’re in Croatia, join now one of our groups all over the country. There is no fee or small print – just knowledge, networking and fun.

Besides the award, I was presenting during opening ceremony as well. I talked about Windows Phone, its latest Tango update and gave a quick walkthrough of official WinDays application for Windows Phone (blog post in Croatian). I rarely have a stage fright, but speaking in front of hundreds of people is still a bit of a challenge.

Later that day I was co-hosting developers’ keynote with Tomislav and give a quick dev demo about Windows 8 Metro apps development. Right after that, I had a workshop about Windows 8 Metro development. The idea was to develop two Metro applications with the same functionality, one using XAML+C#, and the other using HTML+Javascript.

I have one more session today – about Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh (aka Tango) – if you’re here in Rovinj, please stop by – it’s today at 11:40, hall number 4.

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