Windows Phone 7 Accelerometer Test App

imageAww, what a title. It’s quite simple, actually. The first thing I’ve done when I got my first WP7 device was testing it’s accelerometer. As you may know, accelerometer cannot be used in emulator (actually, there is a way, but that’s not it – I want to move some hardware around the air and rotating monitor does not work).

So, I’ve put up a small application that reads the sensor and shows the data on the screen. Using it, you can get a feeling how sensor works and what does that x, y and z values mean. User interface is divided into three parts – first line shows actual sensor values, second line shows sensor values every second and the rest of the screen is for logging, There are three logging modes (select one using application bar) – onchange prints a new row only when a change bigger than 0.2 occurs, ontime prints values every second and onnone doesn’t log values, it only shows real-time values in first two rows.

Application is not on the marketplace, but if you are developer and have unlocked device, you can download it from here and put on your phone. If any of you need a source, let me know (I should warn you – it’s dirty and ugly). Have fun!

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