WPbeta.me giveaway winners are…

Howdy, ho! As I promised, I’m giving away ten AdDuplex 50 US$ coupons. WPbeta.me service is awesome, AdDuplex is awesome, your apps are awesome and SQL’s NEWID() functions has chosen the winners:

Tile-Generator Beta
Project Log BETA
– S* t* S* beta
Fake Post
– MyM*
– L*S*A*
FB Pages Manager Beta
Sapphire BETA
– We* Beta
Money Lover

*Apps with stars are added as private, so I’m keeping their names private.

By the way, I’m more than happy to see my new service is used and loved by both developers and beta testers. Thank you for your support, for bug reports, feature suggestions and shares on social network. That really means a lot!

And a few numbers for the end: currently, there are 53 active apps (beta and public) and 1038 user accounts created. The most popular app has 153 beta testers, and average number of beta testers is almost 41 (40.8).

Keep those betas coming!

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