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Howdy, ho! As I promised, I’m giving away ten AdDuplex 50 US$ coupons. service is awesome, AdDuplex is awesome, your apps are awesome and SQL’s NEWID() functions has chosen the winners: – Tile-Generator Beta– Project Log BETA– S* t* S* beta– Fake Post– MyM*– L*S*A*– FB Pages Manager Beta– Sapphire BETA– We* Beta– Money […]

2 a brand new service that helps you manage Windows Phone beta testers + giveaway

Have you ever submitted a beta app on Windows Phone Store? Well, you should have. (If you’re a Windows Phone developer, that is. If you’re just a user – jump to the end of this post – I have something for you, too.) Beta testing is really important part of app development and it’s your […]


Wall Of Silver joined the TweetBeam Twitter wall family

As you may already know, I like to turn little ideas into small side projects. One of that project was Wall Of Silver – a simple Twitter wall solution written in Silverlight. It started as an entry in a contest that was part of MIX conference in Las Vegas back in 2010. (For more info, […]


Giveaway: Dear, @dvlup, please #expandDvlup to more countries!

DVLUP, a great Microsoft/Nokia’s awards program for Windows Phone developers, is available in 55 countries, but not all around the world. One of them is Croatia, where I’m from. I would like this to change, not only for Croatia, but for other countries as well (Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia… just to name […]


Windows Phone app update error c101a006

My Analog Clock Tile app is doing great, thanks for downloading it so much. I was pushing updates like crazy last few weeks, and I just may have overdone it. Windows Phone certification is extremely fast these days, it usually takes less than a couple of hours for the app to be certified. Then you […]


Analog Clock on a Live Tile – my new Windows Phone app

I’ve been busy with a large project last few months, but now that’s over, I’ve switched to some fun stuff. First on the list – a simple little app that shows analog clock on a live tile. That sounds like a trivial task, but actually it is not. Windows Phone 8.0 restrictions says that you […]


Publish your Windows Phone app for free promotion – retrospective

One thing I did definitely wrong was not giving a name to this promotion. Referencing it as “promotion for European devs” or “publish your WP apps for free” was quite difficult and not catchy at all. I’m noting this for the future. From your side, everything was perfect! I got a big number of shares, […]


I’m a Nokia Developer Champion of a month

This post will be very short, but I just have to write a sentence or two about it. I am part of Nokia Developer Champions program since mid 2012. and I have always been very proud of this– not only because of the Windows Phone platform I love so much, but because of Nokia as […]


Windows Phone Week was in Zagreb, and it was great!

First things first – if you don’t know that Windows Phone Week is, you should read this article first. Long story short – Matteo Pagani, Joost van Schaik and Rodolpho Marques Do Carmo, three Windows Phone MVPs, planned to host Windows Phone events in their respective countries (Italy, Netherlands and Brazil) in the same week. […]


European devs: Publish your Windows Phone app for free

Update: This offer is not valid any more because there are no tokens left. I’ve distributed more tokens than initially planned, but even that wasn’t enough! Great job, devs! Here is a deal: you send me a working prototype of your app for Windows Phone, and you’ll get a Nokia Premium Developer Program token (priced at […]